Abstract View of an Art Nouveau Building

Abstract View of an Art Nouveau Building
Abstract view of a reflection in an Art Nouveau window

Art nouveau building Rue Boulard in the fourteenth district. Rather than focus on the architecture itself (more about that per below) I have decided to dwell on an abstract view of a reflection in one of the oval windows.

Abstract View of an Art Nouveau Building

Mosaic details taken from the front door. The Eli Paseos Art nouveau blog has a story about this house as well as a collection of blog posts regarding Art nouveau. Here is what she says about that building:

The door is quite unusual, and it’s part of a building which was probably erected towards the end of the Art Nouveau period, due to its somewhat too rectilinear shape. It’s magnificent however, entirely made of glass and wrought iron, encircling round shapes decorated with fine mosaics (probably Gentil & Bourdet, like the panels on the façades).

I found more information about that building on the inevitable Wikipedia

No. 1 [Rue Boulard]: an early 20th century tenement building. This undated and unsigned building belongs to the late Art Nouveau period. However, its building permit of 13 February 1911 indicates who commissioned it, Émile Géroudeau, as well as its architect, Boucher. This building has many original features such as its double windows and rounded balconies. One can also note, along the façade, long garlands of sandstone flowers.

Abstract view
A non-abstract view of Rue Boulard on a shot which was taken, it seems, at the beginning of the twentieth century.

As to its name, it comes from a Mr. Boulard, a philanthropist, who made bequests to the “[les enfants de l’]Assistance publique”, literally the “children of public assistance”, sort of State-owned charity aimed at taking care of children, especially those without support or families. An institution similar to the workhouses in Britain in the nineteenth century. Many famous people lived here including Paul Gaugin who was staying with his friend Schuffenecker at number 29.

abstract view
By Paul Gauguin – 1gFCrtUCaX6izg at Google Cultural Institute,  Public Domain
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