Students from GEM's Advanced Masters in Digital Business Strategy

Not an easy challenge, Ben’s smile. I rarely show pictures of people I know, unless they are public. Above, a picture of this year’s class from the Advanced Master in Digital Business Strategy I’m heading on the Paris Campus of  Grenoble Management School. As the picture is already online, no worries.


Chinese New Year, 2017. We missed this year’s version. For some reason they scaled it down dramatically even though the event is getting more and more popular every year. It will be harder and harder to take pictures of smiles. In the future you will see the back of the person in front of you.37987182212_82305bfee8_k

This picture made me smile. The guy’s name is Christophe but I only met him once. Never saw him again. Funny chap though.39195890520_52ed2bcc57_k

Last week-end at the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity in Paris. I liked the grin of the guy in the second row, behind the conductor.41004852821_c7ccc3d8ba_k

A smiling Marisa Mercade, A Bandoneon player at the Holy Trinity last week-end./

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  1. Your images are wonderful, but your portrait of Christophe is especially MARVELOUS. It reminds me a bit of that iconic photo of Einstein sticking his tongue out — it captures the same depth of personality and character. Great work, Yann.

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