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Today’s photo challenge is dinnertime photography. It’s a fact that when on holidays in our beautiful Ariege (Deep South in the Pyrenees on the Spanish border) I always have my camera ready at hand to take a picture or two. Last August I rushed to the mountain torrent at the end of our garden and took a few pics at dusk. 


Often, an insect like this giant locust pays you a visit while finishing your plate.


One of my preferred chairs in which I can recline after dinner and watch our beautiful mountains.


Sometimes I also rush around after dinner with my camera in order to take pictures like this one.

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  1. I love your images individually, but especially as a set because together they paint a wonderful portrait of this beautiful and idyllic place. Thank you for taking us on a vicarious trip into the mountains!

      • You’re lucky your bears are quite shy! In Minnesota they walk right up to you and say, “Hello, I’ll be taking your lunch now, thank you.” 🙂

      • So they do in Yellowstone. We saw one when we were there. But only from a distance. We will be heading to Washington State parks next Summer we might see some. In fact ours aren’t so shy and they are killing quite a few sheep.

      • Oh! The poor sheep! It is so sad to hear about such incidents, but I try to remind myself that it’s what bears (and wolves) eat.

        As for those bears in Yellowstone … I’ve not yet been there, but friends have told me they are quite magnificent even from a distance! Maybe especially from a distance. Bears and mountain lions are two species I’m happy to see from far away.

        In a funny coincidence, my husband and I are also thinking about visiting the Washington State parks next summer and perhaps Vancouver as well. Hopefully Mount Rainier will cooperate with our plans and behave herself, yes?

      • Indeed. I see this is considered one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world. Wow. We’ll be staying at lodges in the parks. We did this when visiting Yellowstone 5 Years ago. If you want to do that you are probably late though because reservations have to be made one year in advance.

      • How wonderful that you’ll be staying at lodges within the actual parks! That sounds very peaceful — like your place in the mountains. My husband and I will probably trade into a timeshare apartment, though, if we do manage to go. We’ve amassed quite a few weeks because we somehow keep leaving the U.S. and ending up in Paris! 😉

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