What is a Perfect Photo?

What is a ‘Perfect Photo’?

You hear it a lot, the phrase ‘perfect photo’, but what does that mean? In a technical sense? In a personal or philosophical sense? How do you define the word perfect in photography? Is it based on how simple your photo is? Unless it is about technicality? Or a matter of personal preference? There are many things that go into a good photo, from the rule of thirds to how peacefully empty a photograph is.

Adobe Photoshop Beta: Generative Fill AI

Photoshop just created a new version called Beta, which offers a generative AI option for editing photos. This first picture is taken of the l’Arc De Triomphe here in Paris, but clearly there are things in the way. I used the new Photoshop Beta application to show what it was really capable of. This is a very good topic to talk about what the ‘perfect photo’ is, is it where nothing is in the way? Or is it a matter of the photo being so edited you can’t see anything disrupting within the picture except?

If the case of having a ‘perfect photo’ is if nothing is in the frame, read the rest of this… This is an original picture for example, of L’Arc De Triomphe … but there is something in the way it seems.

not so perfect photo
The Original Photo

With the power of Adobe Photoshop Beta, simply using the words ‘remove post and regenerative fill’ this is what I was given. This new AI function is truly incredible.

Photo Version 2

This photo is significantly better than the first, though it is still very busy. The next thing I wanted to tackle was the cars and people that made this picture so distracting. I put in the phrase ‘remove people and cars and regenerative fill’. While I was at it, I chose to remove the building from the left corner, I added, ‘remove building and regenerative fill’.

Photo Version 3

A perfect photo almost perfectly empty

It’s already so much better, it’s amazing how far technology has come and especially artificial intelligence on an already amazing editing application. The building in the bottom left corner turned into trees, which we all know is not what this looks like in real life, but it’s AI after all. The photo is almost perfectly empty, except for the branches in the top corner. The next command I added was ‘remove branches and regenerative fill’.

perfect photo
Final Version of Photo (As you can notice, it has raised the building by at least three feet and placed in on some sort of stone pedestal which doesn’t exist in real life).

And this is the final result, I was absolutely speechless when I saw all that this AI on Photoshop could do. AI is a new part of our life, whether we like it or not. I’m not exactly sure how I feel about it, but it offers some amazing capabilities for editing photos.

The Most Expensive ‘Perfect Photo’

The most expensive photo in the world was sold at 12.4 million dollars, but it wasn’t so ‘perfect’. This picture that is deemed perfect, but it was edited and things were deleted, so how ‘perfect’ can it be? How did it manage to sell for over 12 million dollars? Below is the 2nd most expensive photo, by Andreas Gursky who was a German photographer. This photo was sold for over 4 million dollars. There were buildings removed and other imperfections as well. What makes this so perfect? So expensive?

Perfect photo
Andreas Gursky – 2nd Most Expensive Photo (picture hosted by widewalls.ch)

Below is the most expensive photo as of 2o22, created by Peter Lik. This photo sold for 6.5 million dollars in 2014. This is a black and white photo of a subterranean cavern in the United States. How did this manage to sell for over 6 million dollars? I wonder what makes this the ‘perfect photo’? The most expensive photo to date?

$6.5m. May not be the perfect photo, but it’s really the perfect price – image hosted by Lik.com
$6.5m. May not be the perfect photo, but it’s really the perfect price – image hosted by Lik.com

There is no definition of what the ‘perfect photo’ is, or the most expensive photo, there are no answers as to what the qualifications are. I guess this is all up to personal opinions. I wonder what the next most expensive photo will be, and how much it will sell for.

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